VetMedux™: Embracing a New Era in Veterinary Medicine

June 27, 2023
2 min

At Brief Media, we’ve never shied away from change. It should come as no surprise that at a time of major change in the veterinary industry, we, too, are undergoing a significant transformation: a rebranding that aligns our brand identity with our expanding vision, values, and strategic goals.

We are proud to announce that Brief Media is now VetMedux™, a name that truly represents the company we are today: A group of passionate experts and veterinary leaders committed to guiding the most critical decisions in veterinary medicine and supporting the indispensable professionals who make the human–animal bond possible worldwide.

Our Evolution

When we first became Brief Media, we quickly established ourselves as one of the foremost media companies in the veterinary market. Although media is still a vital part of our work alongside our partners and advertisers, our journey has taken us far beyond that initial role. With the launch of Plumb’s Pro™ and the continued growth of Clinician’s Brief, we have become a comprehensive resource for veterinarians, offering education on clinical skills and patient care, peer advice for navigating modern practice issues, and point-of-care tools that assist clinicians in diagnosing conditions, prescribing medication, and educating pet owners. The name VetMedux better signifies this transformation and represents our core focus as a company to empower the veterinary community.

Our New Name

As a name, VetMedux captures our core purpose: guiding veterinarians as they make critical clinical and practice decisions. The name VetMedux takes inspiration from Latin, the language of science and medicine, in the form of two words: “medicus,” meaning doctor, and “dux,” meaning guide. By blending these words, VetMedux conveys our enduring legacy as an authority in the field of veterinary medicine.

Our Commitment to Supporting You

Beneath our new name and brand identity, VetMedux, we remain dedicated to supporting veterinarians as they care for patients, educate pet owners, and navigate the changing dynamics of veterinary practice. We cannot overstate the pivotal role veterinary professionals play in maintaining the well-being of our beloved animal companions. By providing the necessary resources, knowledge, and tools, we strive to empower them to make informed decisions, navigate complex challenges, and deliver confident care—without sacrificing balance between their work and life at home.

As VetMedux, we are thrilled to enter this new chapter in our organization’s history. Our rebranding signifies our commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine and supporting the incredible professionals who make a difference in the lives of animals and their human companions. 

Together, we will shape the future of veterinary medicine—one innovation, one decision, and one compassionate act at a time. We hope you’ll join us.